Help VO Reach Even More People


Since May 1st, the dedicated members of Team Vegan have raised over $123,000 for animals. We are so close to reaching our goal of $150,000, which will be doubled to total $300,000! But we only have one week left, and we need your help now to expand our reach for animals!

Team Vegan funds are what fuels our Fall outreach, and we need the full $300,000 if we want to reach the most people possible.

In Fall 2014, we set a semester record of over one million people reached with a VO booklet. That means a million more people were exposed to the truth about animal agribusiness. A million more people learned that there’s a more compassionate way to eat and to live.

We hear every day from individuals who are making changes, taking steps toward cruelty-free living. But our work is far from over. There are so many people left to reach, and we can reach them – with your help!

Donate now to one of our hardworking Team Vegan members.

Thank you!