How 900 People Made My Day

By Lisa Rimmert, Director of Development

This November, we began a two-month fundraising campaign to raise $225,000–to be matched for a total of $450,000 for outreach. We’ve never tried to raise this much before, and we were nervous. But we knew we had to try, because the truth is we needed the funds to continue our leafleting at its current level–which has grown steadily every semester–and to introduce new programs in 2016 that will help more animals than ever.

We needed support for our work, and about nine hundred generous individuals stepped up to provide it. December 31 marked the end of our campaign, and we raised more than $240,000. We raised $15,000 more than the goal we set–the goal that, in mid November, made us nervous!

Because of your generosity, we get to put $465,000–almost half a million dollars–toward animal activism in 2016. You can proudly say that you’re part of something big. We’re changing the way people eat, changing the way people think about farmed animals, changing the world!

Our victories are your victories. Every success story you see from us is because you stepped up now to make a difference.

Every person who goes vegan after learning about animal ag from of a VO booklet. You did that.

Every vegan who feels alone in their community–who is on the fence about returning to eating animals but decides to remain true to her values thanks to the support of a mentor. You did that.

Every person who dips their toes into the water of animal activism by leafleting for the first time, and then goes on to start petitions, implement Meatless Monday in their community, or lead an animal group. You did that.

Thank you for making my day.

Thank you for changing the world.