India News: Sharing some good memories of 2020

It’s been a challenging year for the Vegan Outreach India team. In the last three months, our staff has faced many tough situations—violent riots over the Citizenship Amendment Act, government-imposed internet shutdowns and now the coronavirus pandemic and a nationwide lockdown.

Despite the hardships, we’ve continued to work towards our goal of ending the suffering of animals raised for food. Join me in looking back on some of the best moments from the last quarter.

11,769 Students signed up for 10 Weeks to Vegan

In just three months, we helped 11,769 students get started with their vegan journey. Our team travelled across the country showing videos, giving presentations, and talking to students at college campuses.

We also set a VO world-record along the way by signing up 666 students for 10 Weeks to Vegan in a single day!

Outreach at Youth Events

We participated in many college festivals and youth events this year and educated the students about compassionate living. Many students thanked us for being there and pledged to reduce their use of animal products.

Some of the best events were at colleges in Delhi, Pune, Ahmedabad, and Varanasi where we not only reached thousands of students but also met students who have been vegan since meeting us at their campus last year!

Looking Forward

While we’ve paused public events to keep our staff and community safe, we’re continuing our outreach online. The India team is engaging with students, employees, and vegfest attendees via email, phone calls, webinars, and social media to help them make the transition to vegan eating.

We’re already seeing good results and many people have told us that they’re rethinking their lifestyle choices.

Thank you so much for enabling this important work.

We need your support now more than ever to continue speaking up for animals. Please consider supporting some of the India team members!

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Aneeha Patwardhan
Director of Programs, India