Spring 2020 Outreach Coordinators Who Inspired Us

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve had to put our public outreach on hold. Still, we’re keeping our focus on the end game–a future where animals are no longer killed for food—and we aim to meet our goal of 80,000 signups for our 10 Weeks to Vegan program for the first half of 2020.

Before college campuses shut down, the outreach coordinators below inspired us with how many signups they received!

Saurabh Sonkar

  • 10 Weeks to Vegan signups: 5,514
  • Booklets handed out: 5,563
  • VR views: 962

Irving Martinez

  • 10 Weeks to Vegan signups: 3,340
  • Booklets handed out: 5,485
  • VR views: 301

Richa Mehta

  • 10 Weeks to Vegan signups: 3,194
  • Booklets handed out: 4,576
  • VR views: 2,055

Brent Ratkovich

“We’re all doing this work to inspire and empower people to go vegan. We all take on the important responsibility of being the educators and bringing the inspiration to the students and the public in general. That inspiration can go both ways—a few moments can light a fire and make you feel like you can make a big difference in someone’s life.”

  • 10 Weeks to Vegan signups: 2,941
  • Booklets handed out: 1,433

Perla Anerol

“I’ve had several interactions with people who immediately rejected 10 Weeks to Vegan because they weren’t vegan and because they like meat. However, it’s so nice when they finally sign up after I explain that the goal is precisely for people like them to discover delicious and nutritious dishes that do not involve hurting animals.”

  • 10 Weeks to Vegan signups: 2,394
  • Booklets handed out: 4,710

Ben Gardner

  • 10 Weeks to vegan signups: 2,374
  • Booklets handed out: 7,193
  • VR views: 205

Ethan Blake

  • 10 Weeks to Vegan signups: 2,086
  • Booklets handed out: 5,528
  • VR views: 85

Astha Gupta

  • 10 Weeks to Vegan signups: 1,877
  • Booklets handed out: 2,574
  • VR views: 448

Brian Chavez

  • 10 Weeks to Vegan signups: 1,805
  • Booklets handed out: 3,946

Abhishek Dubey

  • 10 Weeks to Vegan signups: 1,731
  • Booklets handed out: 1,115

Thank you to all the above community outreach coordinators as well as the many we didn’t list who also contributed substantially to signing up over 60,000 people for 10 Weeks to Vegan so far in 2020!