Introducing The Compassionate Athlete!


We’re very excited to introduce our newest booklet, The Compassionate Athlete.

VO’s Outreach Coordinators often receive questions from college students who are interested in going veg but concerned that vegetarians and vegans cannot excel at sports or build muscle. The Compassionate Athlete addresses these concerns by highlighting many vegan professional athletes and giving some eating tips and a meal plan. We expect The Compassionate Athlete to be used similarly to ourGuide to Cruelty-Free Eating – by keeping a handful on hand any time we leaflet for when we run into athletes.

We’d like to give a special thanks to Kassy Ortega, Vegan Outreach’s Washington, DC Outreach Coordinator, and Chris Guinn, The Humane League’s Atlanta Director, for this idea and for their hard work on the booklet! We’d also like to express our gratitude to all the athletes who took the time to provide us with pictures and quotes: Austin Aries, Ed Bauer, David Carter, Robert Cheeke, Mindy Collette, Mac Danzig, Seba Johnson, Holly Noll, Rich Roll, Bianca Taylor, Marcella Torres, Derek Tresize, Torre Washington, and Mike Zigomanis.

You can order The Compassionate Athlete from our order form and download a PDF from our Booklet PDFs page.

4 thoughts on “Introducing The Compassionate Athlete!

  1. Hi !!

    I am with you 100% !!

    August 2011 saw Earthlings…..
    Boom V E G A N !!

    Then I learned all the health & environmental benefits for being vegan. I loooove being vegan !!!!

    1. Elissa – you just made my day! Always love to hear what it was that turned folks vegan (Earthlings…oh my goodness, mandatory!)

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