Anchorage, Alaska

by Jack Norris

My wife, Alex, is from Alaska and we go there about once a year to visit her family in Anchorage. In Anchorage, you’re more likely to run into a moose than an animal activist – yet there are a surprising number of restaurants with delicious vegan options!

Here’s a rundown of where we ate during our latest trip.

Organic Oasis 


This is probably the most vegan-friendly of any restaurant in Anchorage. They have quite a few vegan entrees and are a good place for a nice sit-down dinner.

Potato Coconut Soup (background) and a combination of the two angel hair pasta dishes: Lightly Steamed Veggies & Macadamia Nut Basil Pesto. The potato soup was so delicious I had to order a second cup!

angel hair & potato soup

Vegan High Protein Tempeh Wrap


Moroccan Hummus Sandwich


Lentil Soup


Golden Baked Tofu with Caesar Style Dressing


Middle Way Café

The Middle Way Café is a totally hip café where you can have just a snack and coffee, brunch, or an early dinner (they close at 6 PM).


But it’s not just for hipsters, and I try to go there as much as I can when in Anchorage!


Korean Tofu Dish (special), Split Pea Soup, Vegan BBQ Burger


Multigrain Pancakes
(What? You can hardly get vegan pancakes in California!)


Vegan Breakfast Burrito with Potatoes


Colour’s Tofu Stack


Thai Kitchen

This vegan-friendly Thai restaurant has been a staple for vegans in Anchorage for many years.


Spring Rolls


Tofu and Vegetables, Tofu Noodles and Vegetables


Snow City Café

The extremely popular Snow City Café is located downtown. There are only limited reservations, but even when we have to wait for up to an hour, their tofu scramble and hash browns make it well worth it! You can get a soy latte at the counter to hold you over while waiting.

Snow City cropped

I’m still not sure why it’s called “Snow City” since it’s yet to snow in Anchorage when I’ve been there.

Tofu Scramble and Hash Browns


Moose’s Tooth Pub & Pizzeria


Pretty darn good for a pizza without any vegan cheese or vegan meats. They have gluten-free, too, if you’re so inclined.



Coffee drinkers will be happy to know that the West Coast’s fascination with coffee shops extends to Anchorage where you can find a delicious Kaladi’s everywhere you turn. So while Alex is hiking up a 10,000 foot mountain in the pouring rain, I’m sitting tight with a hot cup of coffee and my laptop.

And Kaladi’s has breakfast oatmeal if you’re in a pinch for a quick vegan breakfast.

Taco Bell

When it comes to the Bell, you just can’t beat one with these mountains behind it!


Bean Burrito (without cheese) and Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes (without sour cream and cheese)


If you travel to Anchorage, please tell them I said, “Hello!”

12 thoughts on “Anchorage, Alaska

  1. Thank you so much for this. I’m visiting Anchorage for the first time in June, so this info will be really, really useful. Especially knowing I can get a gluten free pizza – yummy!

    1. Fat Ptarmigan downtown also offers gluten free and dairy free pizza. I just tried it the other night and it’s phenomenal. I appreciate that they have dairy free cheese listed as an option on the menu. I got mine without cheese but it’s rare to find dairy free cheese on any menu!

  2. Great review! I’m from Alaska and you hit most of my favorite places for vegan food in Anchorage. Be sure to check out the natural pantry for vegan snacks and excellent deli food

  3. Great list! As a resident of Anchorage, Alaska, I am always looking for new places to eat that have vegan options. One place worth mentioning that was not on your list is Aladdin’s located at 4240 Old Seward Highway. They serve “Fine Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Cuisine.” I can tell you that their food is amazing!
    Here is their website:

  4. Great post, just thought I would add something I learned a couple days ago when I went to Mooses tooth- there standard crust has milk products and their whole wheat crust has honey 🙁 according to our waiter. He didn’t mention any other crusts they offer either so maybe I missed out.

  5. I came here because I wanted to find out if there’re vegan options in unlikely places:-) If I ever visit the U.S. again, I want to check out Alaska…

    But shocking to see gluten-phobia has copied itself all the way to Alaska. I’ve read about a study, where they found that only 5% of people avoiding grain-proteins actually are sensitive to gluten. 95% are…, well crazy. Vegans avoiding plant proteins, that’s funny 🙂

  6. You forgot to mention Bombay Deluxe. It is an Indian food restaurant with wonderfully tasty vegan dishes. Please also remember Ray’s a locally family owned and operated Vietnamese food restaurant for its incredibly fresh vegan options. I am hungry just thinking of the fresh vegetable and abundance of cilantro and brown rice option. Ahhhh…yummy yummy.

  7. This is great. There’s also great veggie burgers at the peanut farm. Being vegan in Alaska is so frustrating and difficult especially when you constantly confront fur wearers.

  8. @Samantha,I live in anchorage,I feel you,as I am Vegan also,I do look for Vegan places to go……hate that people wear fur….,,

  9. Out of the Box on Spenard has great vegan options. I love their grilled veggie sandwiches and sweet potato fries. Papa John’s on old Seward will make a vegan pizza for you if you ask, and China Lights has lovely steamed veggies on their buffet.

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