So Much Popping Love

By Alex Bury, Organizational Development Consultant

Before you read this blog, please take a moment and center yourself with this important video showing popcorn popping in slow motion. Thank you.

Many years ago, I met a woman named Dinali Abeysekera. She and I briefly worked together, but she soon went on to all sorts of amazing life things—like helping people after natural disasters and starting awesome new businesses. Apparently fundraising with me wasn’t exciting enough, and I got used to the slight feeling of envy every time I saw her Facebook posts about her various accomplishments.

About six months ago the envy turned to all-out, bright green jealousy because now she’s making popcorn! Dinali and her husband started a brand new, all-vegan, gourmet and organic popcorn company called Luminous Organics.

Luminous Popcorn

This is an interesting coincidence because I share something similar with my husband—VO’s Jack Norris—a love for popcorn. When Jack and I go to the movies we mostly go for the popcorn. And when one of us brings a bag of popcorn home, we try to hide it so the bag lasts longer. It never works. Jack likes Earth Balance and YaYa’s Herb & Garden Vegetable, and I usually get SkinnyPop or BoomChickaPop. All great options, but my new favorite is definitely Luminous Organics’ Turmeric Black Pepper!

Dinali sent me a bag of each of her four popcorn flavors and all four bags were gone in a couple of days. They’re absolutely delicious! The Turmeric Black Pepper has an extra punch to it, and I loved the delicate sweetness of the Cacao and Maple flavors.

I highly recommend you order a box of all four flavors before your next all-night Battlestar Galactica marathon, birthday party, road trip, or staycation. You can buy Dinali’s popcorn in Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island, NY, and they ship quickly to everyone else.

Don’t sit on this—go get yourself some Luminous Popcorn now. It’s going to bring so much popping love into your life.