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The No-Overhead Challenge Needs You! Donate Today!

All the work Vegan Outreach does for animals is thanks to the generosity of the donors who fund it—from our successful campaign to get vegan cheese in Piola, to the grassroots outreach we do on college campuses worldwide!

We’re ready to do even more to spread veganism, but we need your help to do it!

A generous donor has pledged to cover all our overhead costs for the fall, so 100% of your donations in May will go directly to fund outreach that makes people vegan!

With overhead costs covered, 100% of your donation will go directly to:

  • Pay for booklets that inspire students to become vegan
  • Feed delicious vegan food to non-vegans, changing their perceptions and opening their minds to veganism
  • Put vegan options on restaurant menus, making vegan eating easier for everyone
  • Connect people struggling to go vegan with mentors, so they don’t fall back into eating animals

Several donors have already stepped up, but reaching our goal by May 31 is not a guarantee.

You could be the reason we meet our goal. You could be the reason more people go vegan!

Please donate today to keep our work for animals going! With overhead costs covered, your donation will go directly to spreading veganism.

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