Spring 2015: Guy Grayson

Dedicated Adopt a College volunteer Guy Grayson has leafleted Bramson ORT College 28 times this semester, handing out more than 4,800 Vegan Outreach booklets; and he’s reached another 5,600+ individuals, including many college students, leafleting NYC sidewalks this spring!

Guy Grayson

[At Bramson ORT College] I ran into a great, joyous young woman named Marina, who hugged me for my activism; another person interested in distributing pamphlets; another lovely Indian woman named Shamalaya, who needed to get the word out and who was the most emotionally devastated of anyone since I began pamphleting in 2000. She said, “You know they die but…” We called it the torture it is, and that’s the best day of my pamphleting ever. Not because I got the most pamphlets out – not nearly, but I know about five people are changed for life now, and two or three of them are on their way to becoming activists.

I used to only help animals out of duty, no pleasure in return at all, but now I feel thrilled some days, absolutely thrilled. Thanks a million for the Even If You Like Meat pamphlets.

—Guy Grayson, 2/25/15

Have your donation doubled to support VO’s Adopt a College leafleting program today! The more money raised, the more animals spared from suffering.

2 thoughts on “Spring 2015: Guy Grayson

  1. Message for Guy — Hi! it’s Paula — we met in Forest Hills this past Saturday when you were leafletting. Just wanted to remind you about Collectively Free — http://collectivelyfree.org/ , especially that they do Starbucks’ disruptions. We’d love to have you join us in some of our actions.

    It was great to meet you. You made my day being there in my neck of the woods!

    Also DxE.

    1. I’m on Instagram as u_can_protest_without_others
      Still protesting without others.
      I believe that we must.
      At least when no other activists are around. Although I prefer it daily .. And always .. maybe it’s not “fun” but is activism supposed to be?
      I don’t believe so.
      Take Care.

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