Leaflet Like a Pro

By Vic Sjodin, VO Director of Outreach

Are you new to leafleting? Or have you been leafleting for years? No matter your experience level, here are some easy to implement, time-tested tips guaranteed to help you leaflet like a pro—and save more animals!

Leaflet Like a Pro

Smile and Say Hello

A warm greeting and smile will put some good energy out there right away and increase the number of booklets you hand out. You’ll be amazed at how much a sincere, “Good Morning” and a smile can do!

When offering a booklet make sure to say, “Info on helping animals,” or “Help stop suffering.”

People who are new to leafleting will often say these statements as questions—”Would you like some information to help animals?”—but that will reduce the number of booklets you hand out by a lot! Tweaking something so little can increase the number of booklets you distribute dramatically.

Extend Arm Fully

You’ll want to lean a little towards the receiver, and extend your arm fully or lock your arm straight out when handing off the booklet. Try to pass the booklet right into the receiver’s hand. This simple change will work wonders versus having your arm bend at 90 degrees, closer to your body and offering the booklet.


For a bonus tip—Make sure to square your shoulders and face the person walking toward you. Hand the booklet forward out in front of your body, slightly to the left or the right. Be mindful not to hand out booklets with your arm to the side of your body. That way people are offered a booklet when they still have to walk past you and not once they’re already halfway by you.

Thank People Who Take a Booklet

When there’s a lot of people, or a line of people walking toward you, just saying, “Thank you!” enthusiastically, or saying, “Have a nice day!” or, “You’re the best!” with a little enthusiasm will have a profound cumulative effect by keeping the momentum of leaflet takers going.

The person who took a booklet will appreciate your kindness, and more importantly, the person now approaching will take note of your kindness and be far more likely to take a booklet.

Once a few people start taking booklets, more and more people will take them as they see how many others are doing it. This simple act can often double or triple the take rate when done with warmth and sincerity.

Want to see these tips in action? Watch me demonstrate!

Have more questions about leafleting? Check out our detailed Helpful Tips page on the Adopt A College Website.

Want to get involved and start leafleting? This is how to get started.

Good luck, and happy leafleting! Thank you for helping the animals!

4 thoughts on “Leaflet Like a Pro

  1. Hi
    I’m a life long vegi who became a conscious vegan a few years back.
    I live in London and Id really like to get involved in leafletting here.
    How do I go about it?

  2. Lor, I just looked up this guide after doing some leaftletting from Brick Lane in East London. There are a few campaigning organisations in London, an Animal Rights Meetup group, and the biggest vegan social organisation in the world.

    I was leafletting with London Vegan Actions:

  3. Hey,
    I was vegetarian for years, but, the last few months I decided to become vegan. I am desperately trying to find a vegan organization here in Winnipeg Canada and get involved, for instance, leafleting sounds a great idea to start with. Thus, I was wondering if you guys are working along with any organization here.?


    1. Hi Eve,

      Congrats on your recent transition from vegetarian to vegan! That’s fantastic!

      Vegan Outreach does not work with any groups or organizations in Winnipeg (we are unaware of any in that area). However, we do have a Canadian Outreach Coordinator, Jevranne Martel, who will be traveling to Winnipeg sometime this fall or next spring to leaflet at the nearby schools. I don’t believe she has her schedule yet, but I encourage you to reach out to her so she can let you know when she will be in Winnipeg. Her email is jevrannem@veganoutreach.org

      Thank you for your message, Eve! Please let us know if we can help you with anything else!


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