A Mother’s Wish

By Josie Moody, Office Manager

Josie and family

I recently had my 20-week ultrasound and got to see my little bun-in-the-oven’s eyes and nose. I already feel a strong emotional connection with them—and it’s made our work at Vegan Outreach that much more important to me.

The bond between mother and child is incredible—and not just for humans. I’m sure you’ve seen a mother goose bravely defend her goslings. And did you know a female octopus will protect her eggs for about 160 days—only to die shortly after they hatch?

The bond between mother and child is powerful and impressive. But sadly, when it comes to animals raised for food, this bond is not honored—often it’s not even permitted.

A cow in the dairy industry is separated from her newborn calf shortly after he’s born. Often, she cries out for him for days and vice versa. Sometimes she tries in distress to find him—and she mourns her loss when she can’t.

Sad Calf Chained at the Neck

What we do to cows and other animals breaks my heart. Now, as someone who’s expecting my own baby, I find it even more harrowing.

I do my part to reduce suffering by working for Vegan Outreach, volunteering for animals on the weekends, and donating what I can to make more outreach and education happen. Violence towards animals is overwhelming, but I feel better when I do something I know makes an impact.

Will you join me today by giving a gift that will make twice the impact for animals?

Other donors have pledged to double your gift—for every dollar you donate, they will match it with a dollar of their own!

Your donations have built a movement of vegans and activists who stand up against violence towards animals. But our work is far from over.

We need to do more, and we can’t without you.

I wish that no mother—of any species—had to endure the torment of being separated from her young. With your financial support today, we can create a vegan world sooner so fewer animals will suffer. Give now to have your donation doubled.

2 thoughts on “A Mother’s Wish

  1. Congratulations!!! Being a mother is the best thing I’ve done ever and love, you experience is unconditional for sure!!!
    You’ll see your heart walk on the outside of you when their born!!! I’ll do anything for them … my kids today joke with me and say “here comes mama bear” because they both know I got their back lol their side and their front!!!
    Oh to be pregnant again!! Make sure you rub your belly and talk to your baby!! I did that nightly and then it became an all day thing!!! My first would do rolls every time and then she’d get mad hiccups lol she still to this day gets really a bad case of hiccups which reminds me of those beautiful days we shared!!! Soooo happy for you!! Bringing a special life into this world… what will her wonderful story be? I know I could go on lol i just love how happy you look “the glow”!!!

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