Call to Action—Take 2 Minutes to Help Get Vegan Options

By Taylor Radig, Campaigns Manager

A few months ago, Vegan Outreach launched a petition asking leading pizza chain California Pizza Kitchen (CPK), to follow the dairy-free trend in pizza and add a vegan cheese option to their menu. Despite thousands of signatures from eager customers wanting to support this option, CPK has remained silent on their future menu additions.

We want to continue to have CPK hear from their vegan and non-dairy customers—letting them know that this option would be successful!

Here are three easy steps you can take to make this happen:

Call your local California Pizza Kitchen

CPK Locations

When you call, ask to speak with the restaurant manager. Tell them how excited you would be if CPK added a vegan cheese pizza to their menu!

Show them on social media

Jona and Jack Norris

Tag #CaliforniaPizzaKitchen and #CPK to make sure your voice is heard.

Share the Petition

CPK Petition

Sign the petition at and make an even greater impact by sharing the petition on Facebook and Twitter!

Together, we can make this vegan cheese pizza happen! Thank you in advance for your help!

13 thoughts on “Call to Action—Take 2 Minutes to Help Get Vegan Options

  1. Our whole family have recently become plant based. my daughters only birthday dinner choice since she was 9 was CPK!(she is now 21) But now that she is vegan she is sad she can’t enjoy it anymore. The thought of you all brining vegan cheese got us all excited!
    PLEASE PLEASE BRING PLANT BASED choices to CPK!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Please offer a vegan cheese option on your pizzas, preferably Miyoko’s mozzarella. We vegans would appreciate it and give you more business. A few other vegan options on the menu would be great, too. Thanks!

  3. Plant based cheese is healthy and tastes good. We need a CK in the Hallandale Beach, Aventura area.

  4. I just do not go to CPK since I became vegan.
    So many good options on Happy Cow.

  5. Please make a vegan cheese pizza or make one packed with veggies and no cheese.

    The Butlers

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