In Memory of Lisa Shapiro

Lisa Shapiro


Lisa Shapiro

It is with great sadness that we face the passing of Lisa Shapiro, an extraordinary friend and activist.

Lisa fought for animals with an integrity and selflessness that cannot be surpassed. Right up to her final lucid days, Lisa was doing all she could to help animals.

We will miss Lisa – but our lives have been enriched by our time with her and she will always be in our hearts and minds.

– Jack Norris

During my years of touring, when I’d need a place to stay with someone, I’d always feel like I was putting them out a bit, and I’d limit the amount of time for which I’d ask to stay. But when I’d swing through Boulder, Lisa Shapiro would encourage me to stay for as long as I could. Helping and spending time with those who helped animals was the greatest joy for her.

When last summer I was thrown a party to celebrate a career milestone, Lisa had this massive box of food sent to ensure that attendees were well-fed. And even though she didn’t have the most funds herself, she checked in with me to make sure that those who wanted to attend my party had the means to do so.

Lisa diligently built vegan community in Boulder, she provided a refuge for difficult cats, she gave so much of her limited funds to ensure that fewer beings had to suffer, and she was a loyal and fun friend to many of us.

My heart goes out to those of you who were there for Lisa day after day during her last few months. Thank you for showering our compassionate friend with the compassion that was fitting for her.

Whenever we act to ease the suffering of another, Lisa’s humanity will live on through us.

Jon Camp

Tributes from:

John Oberg

Paul Shapiro

Seth Tibbott


15 thoughts on “In Memory of Lisa Shapiro

  1. “Thank you for showering our compassionate friend with the compassion that was fitting for her.”

    Very eloquently put. Thank you ever so much to those kind people who looked after her and her cats.

  2. I am so sorry and saddened to hear this. It is not fair someone we need so badly in the world is not with us anymore. Though may she rest in peace, she worked and fought so hard while she was with us!

  3. Alla, donde estas ahora te encontraras con otros angeles igual que tu que mientras estuvieron por aca hicieron todo lo que pudieron por ayudar a los hermanos pequeños. Desde ese cielo lleno de animales y bellas personas se que cuidaras de todos.

  4. She was definitely an inspiration to me. She believed in me and our little group, and she will be missed by so many. May the sweet memories of her soon replace the sorrow.

  5. You gave everything you had to the suffering. I am grateful to have called you my friend. You will be missed always.

  6. Rest in peace sweet angel, you are now in heaven with all the animals you helped personally and in your animal rights activism. They know you as do all the animals in the horrific slaughter houses, fur and leather farms etc. Evil people might have taken their bodies but not their hearts and souls which live on in heaven. I’m a vegan who does not wear or eat anything from any animal , and I truly believe that heaven is the new Garden of Eden which is the way God wanted it in the beginning (VEGAN) before we humans sinned. You are there Lisa with all the animals, and I bet you can communicate with them. <3

  7. Lisa, you are and always will be an amazing person.
    You have inspired me and countless others to make a positive difference in the world.
    Your kindness and caring was exceptional.
    I’ll never forget you.
    May you be at peace and free of pain.
    Please know that we and the rest of the world are better off thanks to you.
    With my best wishes and utmost respect forever,


  8. i will miss you always lisa and proud to have you as my sister. … are at peace …its so hard to accept you are gone 🙁

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