Kristin Lamy: Fall 2014

Kristin Lamy, VO’s Canada Outreach Coordinator, has traveled to 49 different campuses this semester, handing out more than 43,000 Vegan Outreach booklets!

Kristin Lamy, John Sakars, and Alex Greenwood at York University

Kristin, John Sakars, Alex Greenwood (above), Ali Pester, and Miranda Bocci reached 4,700 students in a single day at York University’s Keele Campus:

Great, GREAT day! And one that left one (me, anyway) quite pooped. Had a bumpy start when I got stuck in Toronto traffic for 1.5 hours, but John and Alex are heroes and started without me with the leaflets they’d brought until I arrived 30 minutes later.

Students were quite receptive and many stopped to learn more. I met at least 3 vegans who were grateful to learn they’re not alone, and a few vegetarians who were impacted by the information I gave them on the dairy and egg industries.

Great team!

—Kristin Lamy, 10/22/14

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