One Million Leaflets!


By Jon Camp

We at Vegan Outreach are proud to announce a special milestone! For the first time in our storied 20-year history, we have reached over one million college students in a single semester with the plight of farmed animals!

For the fall semester of our Adopt a College program, over one million of today’s youth were personally handed a Vegan Outreach booklet. We reached students in 48 of the US states, as well as throughout Canada, Australia, Denmark, and Italy.

This was not an easy task. It involved activists putting in thousands and thousands of miles on the road, standing day after day on their feet for hours on end in all weather conditions; and in the case of VO’s Canada Outreach Coordinator, Kristin Lamy, getting stuck in Buffalo for multiple days during a snowstorm.

We’re always hearing from individuals who have gone vegetarian or vegan as a result of our hard work — individuals who never thought much about their food choices and who are now actively working to create a better world for animals, thanks to getting a Vegan Outreach booklet

This accomplishment has been a team effort, and it came about thanks to the legendary dedication of VO’s tireless outreach coordinators and volunteers, the great animal advocacy organizations we team up with, and our thoughtful and generous donors who make this work happen in the first place.

Thanks to everyone who played a role in this historic milestone on behalf of animals!

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  1. PLEASE send me some leaflets, bumper sticker, pins / buttons. I’m trying to spread the vegan message any way I can.


    Elissa Davis

    12340 Shropshire Blvd.
    Austin, TX. 78653

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