Mad City Vegan Fest: Report from the Field

By Jack Norris, Executive Director

The 2015 Mad City Vegan Fest in Madison, WI was an amazing event. The place was packed which is pretty impressive for a state known for it’s dairy consumption.

A couple of vegan meat companies I hadn’t previously been familiar with were there. The Herbivorous Butcher  was giving out samples and their meats and vegan cheeses were delicious. And you have to give them credit for their slogan “Meat-Free Meat!” I also enjoyed a sample from Uptons Naturals

I gave the talk, Vegan Nutrition: What Does the Science Say? to a crowded room of over 200 people. You can watch a video of the talk online by clicking the image above.


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Vegan Outreach had a very busy table all day long, worked by Vic Sjodin, Kim Moffatt, John Jungenberg, and Kevin Cooney. (A couple days earlier in Chicago, I had the honor of giving Mr. Jungenberg a well-deserved Certificate of Achievement for handing out his 100,000th booklet at a dinner benefiting VO.)


Thanks Mad City Vegan Fest!