New Certified Vegan Menu at Taco Bell


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What are YOUR favorite things to order at Taco Bell?

7 thoughts on “New Certified Vegan Menu at Taco Bell

  1. I am a little confused as to why the vegan community is so excited about the vegan burrito at Taco Bell. Isn’t the whole point of eating a plant based diet and purchasing products from companies that do not use animal testing or use practices that involve animal abuse to not support these businesses or companies? i understand that it is near to impossible to not support these businesses in an indirect way. Even something as simple as Purchasing an apple from a super market that sells Tyson food products and Perdue is in a way supporting a business that supports the animal insutrial farming industry. But the apple purchase is not a direct support of the agri-Giants. Taco Bell, McDonalds, Burger King, KFC or any large corporation fast food establishment are businesses that fuel the Agri-Giants and are the cause of millions upon millions of animals suffering each year. It seems counter productive to purchase an item from a company involved in such a direct way with animal cruelty just because there is no meat or dairy on that item. Shopping there is still supporting the business. It is almost like walking up to Mr. Tyson and Mr Cargill themselves and handing them your dollar. McDonalds sells salads, does that make it okay to dine there?
    I caught wind that just recenlty 700 McDonald locations closed their doors due to lack of patrons… That is a huge step forward and the progress that is going to save millions of animals from uneccassary suffering. Imagine if Taco Bell and KFC started closing locations… that is what the animals need to happen.
    There are fast food businesses like and “little babies ice cream” that do not support the industrial farming industry at all, they purchase all of their “product” from local farms. These businesses are the revolution against the Agri-Giants. They may only be in large cities now but hopefully these types of businesses will spread across the U.S. and take the place of the large corporations.
    It’s wonderful to see more and more restaraunts with vegan items and sections on the menu and it’s so great that supermarkets and corner stores (in large cities) across the U.S. have vegan products and sections. It gives all humans an option when shopping or dining out and makes the word ‘”vegan” more familiar. But Taco Bell? Doesn’t anyone remember the whole “mystery meat” incident with this company a few years back? Taco Bell is not a good, honest company. In fact all large corporation fast food establishments are not only hurting animals but they are also hurting people. Their “food” is unhealthy and no one should eat it.

    1. This is exciting becuasei if you are traveling or are stuck in a small town with no options, it’s great to be able to get something at taco bell. I’m not going to go there all the time, because, like you, I don’t want to support a horrible agri-business. But if I’m stuck somewhere, its great to have the option.

    2. Susan, though your intentions are good, your lifestyle is not easily practicable. By your logic, I can’t shop in a grocery store. Nearly everything is ruled out of my daily shopping choices, from clothes to makeup to books. My shirt is vegan and fair trade, but the company that sold it used non vegan glue on rhe tag and I bought it at rei. My makeup is vegan but I bought it from sephora who also sells non vegan things. My book is used but the binding may have rabbit collagen in the glue. See what I mean? The computer you used to post that message contains minerals that may have been mined by children or assembled by cheap, exploited labor, made and shipped by a company that either has rubs elbows with companies that have questionable business scruples. The very fuel used to ship the finished product to you was probably produced in an eco-unfriendly way.

      Point is, do what you can. Even these choices count, and if we never act for fear of making a mistake, we’ll never live at all.

  2. I’m happy to find Vegan choices anywhere I can.

    Susan, please accept that not everyone shares your political agenda. I eat a vegan diet to avoid gastric distress.

  3. I’m vegan and I travel around the state of Louisiana for work. Many of the areas I visit are very rural and sometimes I have to compromise. I’ve learned to spend nights only at hotels with refrigerators in their rooms (I carry vegan condiments in a small cooler in the car). If im really lucky, the room will have microwave, too, so i can heat up some of the vegan burritos or pastas i pack with me. But sometimes i just have to make do. Taco Bell may not be optimal, but I’m thrilled to have an option other than “a taco salad, no meat, no cheese, no sour cream.” I’m also thrilled that corporations are starting to acknowledge that there are vegans in the world who maybe want to stop somewhere for a quick bite with their non vegan family members. Perfect, politically correct choice? No. But definitely heading in the right direction. Vast improvement from even six months ago.

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