Rachel Black: Fall 2014

VO Outreach Coordinator Rachel Black has traveled to 68 different schools this semester, handing out more than 44,000 Vegan Outreach booklets!

Below is Rachel (center) with volunteers Morgan Householder (left) and Jennifer Loughnane (right) at Ohio State University, where they reached more than 1,100 students last month!

Morgan Householder, Rachel Black, and Jennifer Loughnane at OSU

At Bowling Green State University, Rachel got Your Choice booklets into the hands of 1,245 people:

I spoke to a middle-aged man today for a long time and by the end of the conversation he said he was going to try vegan seriously. He asked me what to buy at the grocery store, and I told him where he could find great days worth of meal plans online. He seemed excited and confident to live more responsibly.

—Rachel Black, 11/5/14

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