Spring 2015: Kim Moffatt and Barbara Bear

This semester, Adopt a College volunteer Kim Moffatt has leafleted 10 different schools, reaching more than 4,300 students; and longtime AAC activist Barbara Bear has leafleted five college campuses, placing booklets into the hands of over 4,000 students!

Kim Moffatt and Barbara Bear

Above, left: Kim Moffatt is one of the vegan athletes featured in our latest Guide to Cruelty-Free Eating booklet. Above, right: At Santa Barbara City College, a vegan student was so moved that Barbara Bear was on campus, she gave her a long hug, took some booklets to share with others, and expressed interest in volunteering!

David, Hugo, and Victoria at Oxnard

Exceptional day here at two small schools: Oxnard College and CSU Channel Islands. David [above, left] wants to go vegan, and I had a good conversation with him. Meg wants to go vegan. Hugo [above, center] took literature to give to his whole class. Victoria [above, right] took a lot of booklets to show others as well. Insane amount of readers [one, below, left].

Massive thanks to Barbara Bear for joining today and hosting us and being so generous and delightful. Kim Moffatt [below, center] was great as always.

Team Vegan member Vic Sjodin, 4/28/15

Teresa [below, right] was veg for a long time and went vegan about a year ago after a friend showed her one of VO’s booklets. She wants to leaflet when we’re in Oxnard again.

Teresa walked out on a cat dissection even though it will mean a lower grade in the class. She also said there’s no way she’s going back to eating animals / animal products, even though she’s finding it difficult to eat vegan in Oxnard. I gave her a Guide to Cruelty-Free Eating.

—Barbara Bear, 4/28/15

Reader, Kim Moffatt, and Teresa at Oxnard

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