The Skeptical Vegan

By Melissa Li, Vegan Outreach Board Member

Finally—a vegan with a sense of humor!

I’m joking, of course, but as many of us know, vegans are often accused of taking things too seriously and lacking a sense of humor.

In The Skeptical Vegan, Eric Lindstrom proves that one can be vegan and also skilled at making other people laugh. Providing hilarious anecdotes and advice, he details the journey from someone who could’ve easily entered—and won—a chicken wing eating contest to a full-time animal advocate.

The author makes it clear from the beginning that he didn’t go vegan to improve his health, or out of love for animals. His vegan journey started because he made a bet with his girlfriend—now wife—that he could eat vegan for 30 days. If he won the bet, they agreed he wouldn’t have to do house chores for three months.

A few examples of humorous topics in the book include a classification system for different types of vegans—the Freegan Vegan, the Beegan Vegan, and others most people have probably never heard of—and eating vegan at popular fast-food chains.

Reflecting on his vegan journey, Lindstrom describes what it’s like for an over-the-top meat-eater to overcome the challenges of becoming vegan. And although he mentions his personal history of hypertension and high cholesterol, he doesn’t lead heavily with discussions about the health benefits of eating a vegan diet, animal rights, or other dietary ethics—which makes this a great introductory and non-threatening resource for vegan skeptics!

In the midst of reading Lindstrom’s book, I had the pleasure of attending the 2017 Animal Rights National Conference. To my surprise, he was one of the speakers at the conference. His presentation was titled, “The Power of Art and Photography,” and he discussed his individual advocacy. Later in the conference, he was one of the emcees for the closing banquet. He had a comedic timing that was instantaneous and spontaneous, making the audience burst out in laughter.

After a previous career as a content strategist at Cornell University, Lindstrom is now the marketing director for Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM). His book doesn’t delve into his current work with FARM, but it compellingly narrates a life transformed by veganism. And with a sense of humor firmly intact!

To get your own copy, of The Skeptical Vegan, click here. You won’t regret it!

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