7000+ students in 1 month | 1.1 million pounds of animals products reduced

This year our focus has been strengthening foundations and building long-term relations with key stakeholders and organizations. It all paid off in getting closer to our goals and helping animals in India. Here’s how.

Adopt A College Virtual Tour in Two States

We collaborated with the Ministry of Youth Affairs, an entity of the Indian government, early last quarter to conduct nationwide webinars in association with the National Service Scheme (NSS).
We leveraged this collaboration to organize two virtual tours with universities in Maharashtra and Karnataka.

Highlights include:

  • 13 webinars with 106 colleges
  • Reached 7,000+ students
  • 6,631 students signed up for 10 Weeks to Vegan

    Our Journey with Tech Mahindra

    Our journey with Tech Mahindra, a tech giant in India, started in August 2021 with one campus in Hyderabad. We have continued to engage with their teams across India and expanded the Green Tuesday Initiative to 18 campuses in 7 locations so far.

    Highlights include:

  • 0.5 Mn kgs/1.1 Mn pounds of animal products prevented from being served. 18 campuses of Tech Mahindra joined Green Tuesday Initiative
  • Organized 2 awareness workshops for India and global facility teams

    Senior Campaigns Manager Part of Government Sustainability Committee

    Bhavya Vatrapu from our India team is now part of the Telangana government’s strategy team for sustainability initiatives. It’s a core working group set up by the IT department to promote sustainability initiatives in the state. Other members in the core group include sustainability team members from HSBC, Microsoft, HYSEA, CCI, and other government officials.
    This will open up opportunities for Bhavya to interact with industry leaders and key companies and introduce them to food sustainability.

    Thank you for believing in a better future for animals and enabling this important work.
    We can inspire more vegans and end animal agriculture with your support.

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    With gratitude,

    Richa Mehta,
    Director of Programs, India