Strengthening Foundations for Saving Animals

In the the first quarter of 2022, Vegan Outreach India has strengthened our foundations for a greater reach. This includes strategizing for long-term collaborations with universities and colleges, working with government regulators for wider access to students, planning virtual tours to organize more Adopt A College Webinars, making solid connections, and setting up a pipeline of companies that will implement the Green Tuesday Initiative this year.
Here are some of the highlights from the past quarter.

New Green Tuesday Partnerships

  • Kaa’s Kitchen is based in Hyderabad and delivers 15,000 meals every month. We collaborated with them to add vegan options and veganized 90% of their meals.
  • Tech Mahindra, Pune joined the Green Tuesday Initiative. Last year, 14 campuses of Tech Mahindra implemented Green Tuesday Initiative in their cafeterias. This change will reduce 15,860 kgs/ 34,965 pounds of meat and 7,930 eggs annually in addition to 249,600 kgs/ 550,274 pounds of meat and 7,800 eggs of reduction from last year.

      Mission Compassion Virtual Tour with Mangalore University Colleges

      Mission Compassion has always been our most successful flagship program to organize Adopt A College Webinars. Our first virtual tour this year was with Mangalore University, and here are some highlights:

    • Organized 15 Webinars for students from 93 colleges
    • Reached out to 9,000+ students and inspired them to choose a compassionate lifestyle
    • 7,956 students joined the 10 Weeks to Vegan program who are now considering going vegan

        10 Weeks Subscriber’s Testimony

        Ramya joined the 10 Weeks to Vegan program and went vegan. She didn’t stop there. She went a step ahead and became a volunteer at Vegan Outreach. Here she shares her experience:

        Thank you for believing in a better future for animals and enabling our work. Together we will inspire more new vegans and help animals with your support.
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        With gratitude,

        Richa Mehta,
        Director of Programs, India